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how to improve your low quality score

Tips on how to improve your low-quality score will keep your keyword results in higher positions and at lower costs.

In AdWords, your quality score is a formula that measures how relevant your keyword is to your ad text and to a user’s search query.

According to a white paper released by Google last year, “the quality score reported in your AdWords account is as warning lights in a car; something that alerts you to potential problems.”

Accounts with higher quality scores benefit in several ways, including:

1) Better Ad Positions
2) Lower costs-per-click
3) Eligibility for Enhanced Ad Formats

That’s why having a low-quality score can drastically hurt your chances of having a successful PPC campaign.

The quality of your ads is calculated every time they are entered into an auction. Improving your low AdWords quality score is vital if you want to have a successful PPC campaign.

Here are 5 Tips to Fix Your Low AdWords Quality Score

 Organize Your Account

It’s really important to keep a well-structured account. Not only does it make it easier to manage but it will allow you to target your audience better. You will want to split your keywords into more targeted ad groups

Targeted Keywords  

Your ad should be relevant to the keywords you select. For example, you do not want you to add for java coffee to show when somebody is searching for java programming You might want to get the most possible clicks, but if those clicks don’t convert or they bring your quality score down then you are already fighting an uphill battle.

Landing Page Experience

Your landing page should match both the ad and the keyword you’re using. You add set the expectation for visitors, so your landing page has to be directly relevant to your ad text and keyword. The landing page should load quickly and look great on all platforms, especially mobile devices.


This is one of the most important factors that influence QS. In fact, when you’ve taken care of everything else, you can consider your quality score to be a direct measure of your CTR.  Use ad extensions to increase visibility.

Test Ad Copy

You will want to test different ad copy for each of your ad groups. As a best practice, it’s recommended that you create a minimum of 4 ads per ad group to find which ones perform the best and offer you the best quality score.

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