psychological triggers

Using psychological techniques in marketing

To understand exactly what makes another person tick is a skill !

The term “psychological trigger” using psychological techniques in marketing has been around for a very long time. We, as marketers need to ensure that we understand what our visitors want, and how we can meet that.

To do this effectively, we need to know what makes people tick and how to translate that into sales. In this article, we will explore some of these triggers in detail and learn why people decide to buy. All aspects of human behavior are driven by two basic needs; the gain of pleasure and avoidance of pain.

Even actions that appear painful may be pursued because they ultimately provide some form of pleasure. This need motivates every decision that is made, and understanding this basic psychological trigger is essential. It is imperative to understand your audience and then you can use these triggers in your marketing.

Tell a Story

A story is a powerful way of conveying a message, and this has been used throughout human history in the form of parables, fables, myths and legends. A list of bland facts may be informative, but it simply does not resonate with the reader, who is driven by emotions and responds immeasurably better to a good story.

Studies have shown that 95% of cognition happens inside the subconscious emotional parts of the brain! As a marketer, it is imperative to speak to that part of the visitor’s brain and elicit an emotional response.

These 5 little triggers and hacks have been known to influence humans on a personal scale…so it’s about time that you familiarize yourself with these little techniques to improve your conversions online.

Trigger #1: Reason Why

The human brain is always looking for an explanation or meaning for every event and experience. Tell people WHY you’re doing something. Don’t be a mystery for your customers.

People are more likely to buy from an ordinary person they know something about. Are you giving 25% discount on your product? Give the people honest reason why.

Are you limiting the number of products you want to sell? Tell people why. If you tell your visitors about the reasons of doing something they will be more likely to trust you and to buy from you.

Trigger #2: Scarcity

Maslow’s pyramid of hierarchy demonstrates the basics needs of our customers. Feeling deprived of our basic needs like love, food, money, or time can lead to anxiety and fear.

We have a natural inclination to become fearful and anxious when there is a threat of scarcity.  This sense of anxiety from scarcity interferes with motivation and causes us to become more vulnerable to temptation and impulse.

Trigger #3:  Urgency + Fear to Lose Something

People will fight harder to prevent losing a dollar than earning a dollar (this is known as loss aversion). They are most likely to buy from you if they are motivated by fear to lose something than if they are  motivated by desire to gain something.

That’s why deadlines and limited production numbers works well. Define parameters within the context of time and be specific about what they have to do achieve it. Don’t just ask them to convert, ask them to convert NOW! Add words such as:

  • Now
  • Quick
  • Instant

All of which refer to a sense of urgency. Or better yet, give them a time frame.  (EX: “Only 24 Hours Left!”)

Trigger #4: Curiosity

George Loewenstein is a professor at Carnegie Mellon, and he has discovered the Information Gap Theory.

Essentially this theory proves that when there is a gap between what humans know and what they want to know, they take action to fill the gap. Armed with this as a credible theory, if you are able to inspire curiosity in your leads, they will aim to bridge their knowledge gap and learn more about your product or services.

We all are extremely curious. Every time Apple launches a new product there is a line around the block.  They achieve this by building anticipation around their product launches. We want to know answers to our questions.

Tell people not to open this email and they will open it. Because they want to know what’s inside. Headlines like “Discover the hidden secret of free  advertising” are always producing great results. You immediately want to know “What secret?”.

Trigger #5: Use Social Proof

No man is an island. And deep down inside, your customer knows this. Subconsciously, they seek a sense of belonging and consistency. Once they have joined a group, they’ll also seek to stick with it’s norms and “follow the herd.”  (There’s safety in numbers after all!)

They’re unsure of themselves. They’re not sure what to do. They prefer to see what others are doing, and then follow along.

Using this technique, you can upsell and gain sales you may not have acquired before.

Core psychological principles takes the guesswork out of marketing and leads to mind-blowing conversions, sales, and growth!

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